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On-line Workshop

Enjoy Outi's experinces and the welth of information she has collected during her two decades in dance - especially in Egypt - easily in your own home. Her on-line workshop is full of technique suitable for any dancer.

Egyptianize your dance

Outi's first on-line workshop Egyptianize Your Dance gives you valuable information about Egyptian dance style.


Outi's DVDs are a great addition to any dancers library.

The Basics With Outi DVD

Outi's newest DVD The Basics With Outi is the ultimate guide for the beginner technique of oriental dance. It has been released in August 2012.

Outi Wa Bas DVD

Outi Wa Bass DVD presents Outi's Show from Cairo! See the Egyptian feeling and enjoy the energy. This DVD has also come out in 2009.


Music is the soul of the dance. Usually Outi performs with a live band but occasionally, it's necessary to have also recorded music. That's why she has her music recorded in studio by top quality Egyptian musicians.

Outi is an experienced star on the Cairene dance scene and this shows in the quality of her CDs on which the music is eminently suitable for dancing. Changes in rhythm, interesting accents and other fascinating details make the music pulse with life resulting in music that you will want to listen again and again!

Outi's music is now available online from bandcamp!

Negmet El Layali CD

Negmet El Layali is again full of great Arabic music. The CD includes both original compositions and dancable rearrangements of wonderful songs. The CD has been recorded in Cairo.

Rhythms For The Basics With Outi CD

Rhythms For The Basics With Outi is all about rhythms. It's great for learning, teaching and practising! This CD was also recorded in Cairo and released July 2012.

Helm El Raqs CD

Outi's Helm El Raqs will captivate you! Enjoy soulful classical pieces, energetic folk songs and easy-to-use taksims. This CD was also recorded in Cairo and came out in 2009.

Al Amoura CD

Al Amoura is a fabulous collection of music easy to combine into various performances. The CD features several songs especially composed for Outi and it was recorded and published in Cairo 2007.

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