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The Basics With Outi DVD

Outi's latest dvd is for everyone!

This dvd covers the complete basic technique for oriental dance. Outi thoroughly demonstartes movements for the lower and upper body, arms, steps and truns. She covers the graceful weight change and also how to change the direction of the movement and much, much more!

The Basics With Outi is perfect for a beginners or an experienced dancers who would like to brush up on technique. It's also a valuable tool for teachers who are looking for a new methods for teaching their beginners.
In addition to technique Outi shows combinations, which are fun to practice. Towards the end some of the combinations are used for a dance choreography. The dvd is meant to be used step by step for several months, so the combinations gradually become familiar. While there is no a specific chapter for teaching the choreography, Outi performs the routine in the studio. As a bonus feature, there is also Outi's perfomance for the same music for a live audience!
Rhythm CD As an extra bonus there is included downloadable rhythm cd for practice and learning!

Runnin Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Language: English
Region: All Regions

DVD is available from following distributors:
Studio Henna
Studio Dum Tek
Boutique Samara Danse

USA and all over the world

Outi: The Basics With Outi

Or you can get them directly from Outi

Check the trailer!

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