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Greetings From Cairo

During her stay in Cairo Outi has written several articles for Finnish oriental dance magazine Ishtar, giving glimpses of everyday life as well as dancing professionally in Egypt.

Part I - During Ramadan
Part II - Dancing in Cairo
Part III - Of lifts and other phenomena while moving up and down
Part IV - Tunes in Cairo
Part V - Recording Studio, an intensive course
Part VI - Spring Cleaning
Part VII - The Wonderful World of Movies
Part VIII - Fashion in Islamic terms
Part IX - The Winter Wonderland in the South
Part X - Sparkling Finery on Cairene Stage
Part XI - Cairo - the Shopping Heaven
Part XII - Getting Married in Egypt
Part XIII - The Secrets of the Egyptian Female Soul
Part XIV - Ramadan – the Month of God
Part XV - Falling Ill Under the Pyramids
Part XVI - House Calls – the Cairene Version
Part XVII - Things, Goods and Stuff
Part XXIII - The One And Only

Other articles

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