Oriental Dance Teachers in Cairo

Many dancers come to Cairo to experience the Egyptian feeling. Some of the athmosphere is taken from the day-to-day life, just watching people in the streets, shops and cafes. If you are lucky, try to get an invition to peoples home or some of their party. For perfecting one's dance skills there are many teachers available. Here is contact information for the ones I have taken classes and a few more.

If you are in need of a map, I can recommend a map from Cairo Guide, printed by AUC. You can get it from AUC book store beside Tahrir and it’s only about £E 35. There is a lot of more information than any other tourist map.

For the telephone or mobile numbers I have included all the information needed when called form abroad. If you are using mobile in Cairo the numbers are still valid. The ‘+’ (or as usually written in Egypt ‘00’) is for calling to abroad. The next ‘20’ is code for Egypt. When calling to landlines ‘02’ is code for Cairo. If you use Egyptian code the first ‘0’ is emited. When calling to mobile numbers the first ‘0’ of the number is emited. For example mobile +20 100 123 4567 works as 0100 123 4567 inside Egypt. Landline +20 2 1234 5678 works as 02 1234 5678 from mobiles and 1234 5678 from other landline phones.



Mobile: +20100 4759048

That's me ;) Currently dancing in Cairo.

Mahmoud Reda

Kasr El Nil street

Phone: (+20) 2 23935622

Founder of the famous Reda Troup. He is the father of staged Egyptian folklore. He teaches in his own studio. He teaches in Nile Group Festival.

Raqia Hassan


Phone: (+20) 2 7482338
Mobile: +20122 3292386

She used to dance in Reda Troupe when she was asked to teach one of the former famous oriental dancer. Raqia has had a great influence in modern oriental dance. She organices Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival.

Diana Tarkhan


Mobile: +20100 5181677

She used to dance in Alexandria. Diana is one of my personal favourites. She has done some good combinations for me. She teaches in Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival.


Mobile: +20100 1408689

He was one of the lead male dancers in Reda Troup until resently. After retairing from Troup Kazafy has been teaching all over the world. He has done several graet choreographies for me. He teaches in Nile Group Festival.

Aida Nour

19 Tarek Ben Zyad Street
Giza - Haram

Mobile: +20122 273034

Egyptian dancer, who used to dance in Reda Troupe. Later she had a carrier as an oriental dancer in Cairo. She teaches and organice in Nile Group Festival.

Doaa Sallam

Mobile: +20100 5186544

Egyptian dancer currently dancing in Reda Troupe. She teaches in Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival.

Yasmina of Cairo


Phone: (+20) 2 37924354
Mobile: +20122 7465185

English dancer, who used to dance in Cairo and other Middle East countries. She used to teaches in Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival and perform in the galas.



Phone: (+20) 122 747 8099

American dancer currently dancing in Cairo. She teaches in Nile Group Festival.

Randa Kamel

Phone: (+20) 2 589 7443

Egyptian dancer currently dancing in Marriot and Nile Maxim. She teaches and performs in Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival.

Farouk Moustafa


Mobile: +20100 71403727

He used to belong to Reda Troup. He teaches in Nile Group Festival.

Hallah Moustafa


Mobile: +20100 169 6806

She used to dance and teach in USA before moving to Egypt.




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