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Egyptianize Your Dance

Egyptianize Your Dance

What are the key elements for Egyptian style dance? What makes Egyptian dance so different? How do the Egyptians dance?

In this 45-minute workshop, Outi draws on her experiences as a licensed dancer in Egypt to explain her tried-and-tested methods of making the dance more Egyptian and finding the feeling.

Outi concisely explains and demonstrates how she uses weight changes and muscle contraction to change the quality of basic movements. These techniques are invaluable for any dancer - with any style - for adding texture to their dance.

She also talks about dala', a soft/feminine persona which is unique to the middle eastern dance aesthetic.

Finally, Outi discusses the interplay of multiple layers in dance: beat, melody, personality, and movement.

The workshop finishes with a bonus hafla performance by Outi, filmed during her 2012 US tour.

This 45-minute workshop is filmed in a well-lit studio, and all movements are clearly visible in the frame. The seminar contains material priceless to any dancer seeking to understand the aesthetics of contemporary Egyptian dance performance.

Or you can first check the trailer!

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