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Al Amoura CD

Al Amoura CD

Outi's CD reflects her energy and playfulness as a performer and her love for Egyptian music. Al Amoura opens with a new Oriental piece, composed by Reda Saad especially for her. It continues with the Oum Kulthoum classic 'Ya Msaharni' and moves onto a delightful mix of songs, easily matched together for performance. There is music from Abdel Halim Hafiz and Shadia to a flirtatious Alexandrian piece, wrapping up with a challenging tabla solo, just the way Outi likes it. The CD is recorded in Cairo and maintains its Egyptian atmosphere all the way through. The linear note gives short explanations of each song for the dancer who wants to capture that right expression.

Al Amoura includes:

Al Amoura
5:08 This wonderful opening number is composed especially for Outi

Ya Msaharni
6:17 Composed for Oum Kulthoum by Sayed Mekawi

Ana Kull Magul El Toba
4:19 Originally sung by Abdel Halim Hafiz

Cocktail Iskandarany
6:25 A delighful combination of two traditional Alexandrian songs followed by accordion balady

En Rah Minnik Ya Ain
4:35 Originally sung by Shadia in the film Arhem Hoby

El Helwa Dair Shibbakha
5:03 This arrangement has powerful saidi entrance and small accordion balady transition at the beginning

4:35 New style of balady solo designed for Outi

Tabla Solo
3:58 A lively tabla solo composed for Outi featuring challenging rhythmical changes and accents

Al Amoura Finale
0:25 A short piece for dancer to thank the audience and exit from the stage

Review of the CD in Gilded Serpent

More about making this cd from Outi's Greetings from Cairo article Part V - Recording Studio, an intensive course

CD is available from following distributors:
Aladdin's Cave
Bellydance Boutique
Farida Dance
Studio Henna
Boutique Samara Danse

Download online:

Outi: Al Amoura

If you like to use any of the music in your own production (CD, DVD, video), contact Outi. The prices are dancer friendly.

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