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Helm El Raqs CD

Helm El Raqs CD

Outi's second CD is a treasure for any performer. Many classical as well as completely new songs are recorded with the dancer's needs in mind. The CD is specifically designed so that the music can be combined in countless interesting ways to produce a magnificent show.

Helm El Raqs includes:

Helm El Raqs
6:41 A dramatic and versatile opening number is composed especially for Outi by Monir Abdel Aziz.

Tabla Helm El Raqs
1:09 This short drum solo matches perfectly with Helm El Raqs giving the dancer an elegant ending for her performance.

Al Atlal
8:17 This classical Umm Kalsoum song, beginning with a beautiful mawwal, is full of deep feeling.

9:25 A well-known love song by Abdel Halim Hafez, especially arranged for dance.

Saidi Salamat
5:19 A new saidi, which has been composed especially for Outi by Monir Abdel Aziz, has a deliciously earthy feeling.

Law Sa'alouk
8:23 A memorable song originally sung by Warda has a very enchanting melody.

3:52 This famous song has been specifically arranged to let the dancer really show her khaleegy.

Ana Albi Andak
4:35 Energetic shaabi just makes you want to dance and have fun.

Nay Taksim 1:16
Qanoon Taksim 1:23
Kawla Taksim 0:58
Accordion Taksim 1:12
These short taksims are eminently suitable to be sprinkled into your show to achieve a real Cairo feeling.

Tabla Solo
3:35 The drum solo repeats basic rhythms, being useful for teaching purposes, while at the same time offering ample variation and energy for the accomplished performer.

Finale Helm El Raqs
0:48 A short piece for dancer to thank the audience and exit from the stage.

CD is available from following distributors:
Aladdin's Cave
Bellydance Boutique
Studio Henna
Tanssistudio Dum Tek
Boutique Samara Danse
El Hobb

Download online

Outi: Helm El Raqs

If you like to use any of the music in your own production (CD, DVD, video), contact Outi. The prices are dancer friendly.

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