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Garahetny Eyounu El Soda

His Dark Eyes Wounded Me

Negmet El Layali CD

Music from Outi presents Negmet El Layali
Oriental Dance Music vol. 3

Originally sung by Afaf Radi

Garahetny eyounu el soda
His dark eyes wounded me
welli yedawini min
and who will heal me.
Atarini beh mawauda
He is my destiny
waharb min w'adi fen
and where would I escape from it.

* Howa sibaya howa
He is my youth, he/> wel omr kullu howa
and all my life, he.
Wel hob albi gowa
And the love in my heart
shailah moda wsinen
I have been carrying it for a long time, years.
Mahadish fi el bar khali
No-one on firm ground is free (from love)
hadda robua el marakeb
not even the sailors on the boats.
Wil rih maluhsh ghrali
And the wind doesn't have a loved one
wil rih maluhsh saheb
and the wind doesn't have a friend.

Ya rayah wa el sikka bayda
Oh traveller facing a long journey
salimli a'la ayounu el soda
greet his dark eyes
tegrahny we ba'den tedawini
they wounded me, and afterwards they heald me.
Ya rih m'atul le ghasali
Oh wind, tell my love
fi el bad yokhtur a'la bali
when he is far away, I'm thinking of him.
Daf a'iny w'abadu a'la a'iny
He is my love (literally: eyes) and it's hard to be without it (eyes).
repeat from *

I'm very grateful for all my friends, who helped me to translate the lyrics of this song. None of my friends is a professional Arabic-English translator: some of them are fluent in Arabic, some in English and a few - my self included - have some skill in both languages. It's often quite challenging to express both the idea and the literal meaning of the lyrics in a few words, as I consider it most useful to dancers that the translation include both these aspects.

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