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Akdeb 'alek

I Would Be Lying To You

Rhythm CD

Music from Rhythms CD For The Basics With Outi

Orginally sung by Warda

Akdeb 'alek
I would be lying to you

Akdeb 'alek law olti bahebbak lissa
I would be lying to you if I told you that I still loved you
Ahdeb 'alek
I would be lying to you
Akdeb 'alek law olti nasitak hamsa
I would be lying to you if I told you that I forgot you even for a moment
Ahdeb 'alek
I would be lying to you

Om al ana eh? Ouli inta ana eh?
So just what am I? Tell me what am I?
Ikhtarli barri wana arsi 'aleh
Choose a land for me and I will anchor myself to it
(This also means "choosing a solution" and the person will "settle on it". Considering the previous verse it depends from the loved-one, whether they are staying together or breaking up.)

Inta habibi, yaani lissa habibi
You are my love, that is, still my love
walla habibi, 'ashan inta habibi
Or are you my love, just because you are my love

Ah, oul ya habibi oul
Oh, tell me my love, tell
Oul, oul, oul, oul ya habibi
Tell, tell, tell, tell my love

I'm very grateful for all my friends, who helped me to translate the lyrics of this song. None of my friends is a professional Arabic-English translator: some of them are fluent in Arabic, some in English and a few - my self included - have some skill in both languages. It's often quite challenging to express both the idea and the literal meaning of the lyrics in a few words, as I consider it most useful to dancers that the translation include both these aspects.

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